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Louise Palanker is a writer, director, producer, filmmaker, author, photographer, comedian, social network/talk show host, musician/songwriter and teacher.

It sounds like too much, right?  By way of illustration, Louise is currently writing this content.  In truth, the web site is helping me keep track of all this stuff. Your being here is a treat and a bonus. Browse at your leisure and enjoy fun and interesting info about:

Journals – A Safe and Friendly Teen Advice/Social Network and Podcast
Our Place Out Loud, in action
Yes, we are legit enough to have mugs.

Family Band: The Cowsills Story – A Showtime documentary on famed 60s family band, The Cowsills

Bob Cowsill, Director Louise Palanker, and John Cowsill at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Kids Comedy Club – An after school program for smart alecks
Jewish Center of Greater Santa Barbara Kids Comedy Club
A room full of class clowns. Every teacher’s dream,

Louise Palanker Music

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