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Louise Palanker on Business Rockstars with Steve Lehman and Jay Samit

Guesting on Business Rockstars

Steve Lehman, Jay Samit and Louise Palanker on Business Rock Stars
Steve Lehman, Jay Samit and Louise Palanker on Business Rock Stars

My former Premiere Radio Networks founder and partner, Steve Lehman is now heading up a new  Entrepreneur and Start-Up Business Platform driven by Radio, Television, & Social Media.  It’s called BUSINESS ROCKSTARS ACADEMY and they produce events and market PRODUCT for Entrepreneurs.

BUSINESS ROCKSTARS brings together some of the world’s biggest and most accomplished CEO’s as well as successful small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Business Rockstars is a resource  for “Wantrepreneurs” that generates content focused on:


The Business Rockstars radio show is hosted by Founder of the Media, Entertainment and Technology Alliance MET, Ken Rutkowski and with Ken on vacation, Steve graciously asked me to guest on the show, thus beginning our adventure.

My Our Place partner, Trish Bock and I ventured down to a spiffy, techie, hipster building in Santa Monica called ROC.  It is the former home of Google and although it may be mourning the loss of its scooters and nap pods, the slick and trendy vibe is still quite present.  To the point where we travelled through several tunnels, halls and breezeways before finding the ladies’ room.

There, Trish transformed me with her makeup magic and we set off on our journey back to the studio.

Steve’s co-host was digital innovator and entrepreneur, Jay Samit whose opening question to me was, “Why in God’s name would you make a movie about The Cowsills?”  This guy knows how to win hearts.  Next he asked, “Why didn’t  you just make a film about Up With People?”

“Hold on,” I said, scrambling for my notepad app.  “You are an idea man.  Let me take this down.  Up With People.  Behind the Enthusiasm For Painfully Phony Optimism.  Got it.”

I actually said, “Please tell me that you are not comparing The Cowsills to a hollow, grinning troupe of merry music makers, funded in the late sixties by corporate entities including HalliburtonGeneral Motors, and Exxon  and intended to counter the hippie subculture?

OK, I’m paraphrasing, but I did politely ask if he had seen Family Band and he has not.  I heartily encourage him to do so and to then watch, as I intend to, The 2009 Up With People documentary called Smile ‘Til It Hurts which makes the claim that this musical organization emphasized extreme right wing politics, and enforced cult like rules including arranged marriages.

So, it turns out that an Up With People documentary would, in fact, be so intriguing that it has already been made.

Jay and I then quickly bonded over our mutual love of Standing in the Shadows of Motown, a great film in which he was heavily involved and then the show began.

We spent the first segment discussing Family Band: The Cowsills Story and how one goes about making a movie.  My advice being to do so only at the risk of great financial peril.  The second segment focussed on my teen social network app, Our Place.  

Click To Listen

Jay and Steve asked excellent questions and offered fantastic input. The biggest inquiry of me being this, “You are a creative.  Are you really an entrepreneur?  I answer this question in the affirmative because as a creative, I believe it’s crucial to ally myself with business greats and technological geniuses.  Those who can fill in with strength where I am weak.  That is the definition of a team.

This was the recipe that built Premiere Radio Networks.  Steve Lehman, Tim Kelly, Kraig Kitchin, Ed Mann and me.  Not only did we offer our own talents and abilities, we recognized each others and we knew when to lead, when to follow and when to get out of the way.

By cultivating an excellent team, goals are more fully and naturally realized but also, any achievement is sweetest when shared.

Thank you, Steve Lehman, for ranking me amongst the Business Rockstars.

Jealousy by The Millionaire Waltz

Ask Weezy Teen Advice – Sister Jealousy

Ask Weezy
by Louise Palanker

Image by The Millionaire Waltz

I host a safe and friendly teen social network, ios app called Our Place. Each week, thousands of questions pour into the community. Kids share with one another and I personally respond to about 20 questions per day in a  teen advice column called Ask Weezy. What are today’s kids thinking about? Here are this week’s top five questions.

Question 1
Why is my sister like this? Why does she hate me so much? She loves staring at me, like at my stomach because I have a belly. She’s fatter than me and she has clothes that she can’t fit into anymore, so she gave them to me but every time I put them on she wants them back. She love pointing out my flaws. Cursing me out and embarrassing me in front of others. Why is this?

You can turn this ship around. Compliment her and mean it. Laugh at her jokes. Tell her that she is good at something. Tell her she looks cute in that outfit, etc. etc.

This is sibling rivalry, plain and simple. As long as you take part, it will continue to escalate. Your sister is insecure and she is consciously or subconsciously knocking you down a peg and measuring herself against you.

Life will not work well for her if she persists. We all do better and feel better when we lift each other up. Show her how this is done. Lift her up.

Question 2
OK, I’m a sl*t cause I have crushes? Oh wow. well. I’ll be honest here I have a crush on a kid and I made some sexual jokes to let him know why I like him. But I did it in front of my brother.

Whenever I do something bad my dad gives me a certain look, so I believe my bro told him what I said. But my brother actually did something worse. If he told on me, do you think I should tell on him?

Also, my friend is about to reveal a secret but I know stuff about her. Should I tell it before she says something about me?

If your brother has put himself or others in danger, you should tell an adult. But not as revenge. Simply because it’s the right thing to do.

You are off and running down some dangerous roads and you need to do a serious re-boot on your approach to life.

We all need to be loved and appreciated. Saying sexual things will get you immediate attention but the kickback will be harsh and sometimes permanent.

If you want a boy to like you, appreciate in him what he appreciates in himself. Compliment him. Smile at him. Make him laugh. Listen to him when he talks.

Anything sexual can and should wait until you are over the age of 18 and in a serious relationship with love at its foundation.

On to the next part of your question. It sounds to me like you may be seeking the wrong kind of attention because none of the kids in your family are getting enough of the right kinds of attention.

Another person’s nasty behavior will never justify your own.

You can not control what others do. You can not stop people by using threats, coercion, or fear tactics.

Own your own actions and do not follow a wrong with another wrong. That just heaps garbage on garbage.

I hate the Sl… word. It’s not nice. It’s not kind and it never addresses the root cause of a behavior. It just adds shame to the situation.

You are not that word, nor will you ever be. But I want you to do a lot of thinking about the person inside of you. Who is she? What are her goals, dreams, talents, aspirations? What IS her potential?

It is your job to stop behaving in ways that make you sad and to start becoming a person who will make YOU proud.

Question 3
Hi so I’m going to this outdoor science camp for school for 5 days and I got my period. I’m freaking out and I’m so worried and I need help!! What do I do!??? We will be on a 3 hour drive and be hiking ALL day long everyday .

As you grow older, you will learn how to do just about anything while on your period. Is it inconvenient? Yes. Can you handle it? Yes.

If you are very young, say 11, 12 or 13, it is perfectly acceptable to let a female supervisor know that you have your period so that she can subtly plan bathroom breaks for everyone.

Trust me. Women help girls with this issue. The reason you know nothing about it is that we do it very discretely.

The women in your world simply need to be informed. That is all it will take.

You will be just fine.

Question 4
I feel like there’s an empty place in my heart like I lost something. I feel pain in my heart now. So I was in the school drama club and we just had our last show. This was my last year at the school and all the graduates were crying when we finished the show.

I miss the people, the rehearsals, the shows and it just hurts me to think that it’s over. I feel actual pain from the loss. It’s a withdrawal for me. I can never do it again. That’s it. It’s over. I had great experiences there my 3 years of middle school but I need advice on moving on. Please don’t Say to find a new club because nothing will ever be the same. Thanks

No, nothing else will ever be the same. The only thing that ever stays the same is that things will continue to change.

The good news here is that you are sad. It means that you had a fantastic experience which is now on its way to becoming a cherished memory. So, cry. You should.

Then give yourself something to look forward to and start thinking about all of the adventures that await you in the high school drama program.

I have to tell you to join a new club. Because even if I didn’t, you would still know that you must. This is what you love to do. Continue. It won’t be the same. It will be a new kind of wonderful. You just learned the steps. Keep dancing.

Question 5
Hey weezy ! (: Okay, my friends are always bugging me about this one guy that likes me, I don’t like him so I told them to stop, but they won’t listen. What do I do?

Halt other activities and conversations. Make direct eye contact and say, “This really bothers me and makes me uncomfortable. Please respect me and this boy. Just stop.”

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Our Place Out Loud – Teen Advice Podcast

Episode 177 With special musical guest, Keaton Simons

Our Place Out Loud is a teen advice talk show featuring a panel of wise and wonderful kids along with host and teen expert, Louise Palanker.

This week’s installment finds the panel and Keaton discussing:

First Kisses
Crush Drama
Divorcing Parents
Rebellious Siblings
and more…

Plus, Keaton performs his hit single, Beautiful Pain.

Join us!

Family Band – Cowsills Documentary Special Features

Family Band, The Cowsills Documentary is available for streaming at Amazon.com.  The special features had only been available with the DVD, but who really buys DVDs?  If it’s you, then no offense is intended and in fact, thank you!  But, if it’s not you and streaming Family Band special features would be a dream come true, in your very own lifetime, then hold right on.  They are coming very soon.  In fact, there are 87 minutes of sweet, raw, gritty and SPECIAL features on their way to Amazon Streaming Media.  Until they get there, this sneak peek to hold you.