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Byline Burbank – Special Effects Experts

Last week, I ventured into Burbank to lunch with my Our Place Partner, Patricia Bock and her co-worker, Ray Hamilton.  We walked and found ourselves at Mo’s.

The meal, the setting, the company… Glorious.  I can highly recommend it all. Everyone at Mo’s looks oddly familiar.  Like they are either sort of famous or they went to camp with you.

And then we spotted a show biz moment more delicious then the food.  Two men dining with an Oscar.

Kenji Okuhira, Oscar, Peter Anderson

Who takes an Oscar to lunch?  This question became more important than my tuna melt.  And so I ventured over, intruded and inquired.

Peter Anderson and Oscar

This gentleman is Special Effects Expert, Peter Anderson.  He is a legendary leader in Hi-Tech productions, having revolutionized filming in 3-D, Special Venue, Large Format, Visual Effects, High Frame Rate and Digital Production.

He introduced us to his lunch mate, Kenji Okuhira who was stopping over in Los Angeles to meet his idol before heading on to the London premiere of his new film, Godzilla 2014.

We had just crashed an important summit.

This did not deter us from taking more photographs.

Peter Anderson with Louise Palanker and his Oscar
Peter Anderson with Louise Palanker and his Oscar
Peter Anderson, Oscar, Patricia Bock

As we continued on our way, fate pulled us towards this poster.

And upon closer inspection, our new friend’s name, up in Univers 39 UltraCondensed Thin font.

Godzilla Poster
Kenki Okuhira on Godzilla Poster

Yes, this all really happened.  And yes, Trish’s nails look this perfect every day.