Cowsills Documentary

Family Band: The Cowsills Story is a documentary film by Louise Palanker, now airing on Showtime.
the DVD, with an hour and a half of special features, is available at  You can also watch the film on Amazon Streaming.
family band the cowsills
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The Cowsills are the real life inspiration behind The Partridge Family but The Cowsills’ story is not a sit com.Their story is raw and honest and tragic and beautiful. The Cowsills personify The Baby Boomer Generation in all of its extremes and eccentricities. All of its tragedies and triumphs.Their public image was talent and charm. Their private reality was secrets and fear.One of the most musically gifted American Families to hit the top of the pop charts, The Cowsills rose to fame, success and stardom in the late sixties. Five years later, their star came crashing back down to earth. Now, you will finally learn what happened to The Cowsills.
Family Band: The Cowsills Story is The Cowsills Documentary.
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The Cowsills
Paul Cowsill, Susan Cowsill, John Cowsill, Louise Palanker, Ian Broyles, Bob Cowsill

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