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Iphone 6 Plus Size

The iPhone 6 Plus – One Girl’s Adventure

I am a woman who loves technology.  Caveat: I suck at technology. But 98% of life is showing up, right? Well, I show up for technology. Extra credit for me! What I love most about technology is the capabilities it unlocks for we creatives.  When I have a friend who is resisting the latest gizmo or Link Your Face social network, I will show him how it could specifically work for him.

“You love weaving grass into hats and you love ferrets. Let’s post this picture of your ferret in his grass hat and tag it so that your ferret can meet new friends!”

I enjoy showing people how to take better photos, and movies, edit and enhance them, share them online, use navigation, watch videos, download apps, upload puppy pics and (for the love of God) change their factory set ring tone.  We are all almost never without our phones.  Why not be forever learning what they can do to make life better?

I stayed up with my techie cousins, The Mikes, Thursday night, September 11th into Friday morning to pre-order my iPhone using the Apple Store app.  I went for the 64 gb, big ass iPhone 6 Plus. Bring it.  We did a lot of refreshing that night and I was not able to successfully purchase my phone until I woke up and tried again Sunday morning, but The Mikes are from Canada.  They are hearty.  They kept at it until their phone was secured.

My view on launches is that, yes, I want one but I am done standing in lines and/or I will hit a refresh button 57 times max and then I am going to sleep.  The phone will arrive eventually.

Mine came last week and I was not in a huge hurry to open it.  I will tell you why. Our phones now play an enormous role in our lives.  They are: computer, contacts, camera, clock, calendar, GPS, music player, gaming device, scanner, compass, flashlight, mall, thermometer, notepad, books, magazines, fitness tracker, and oh, yeah, a phone.

Switching phones is, let’s face it, a scary hassle. I would be spending a period of time completely off the grid.  An alert should probably have gone out. An artificial heart secured…  So, I was content to wait for tech support.  My 17 year old nephew, Jake.

We performed our unboxing while we were all together at a vacation home in Ojai, California.  One big problem.  No wifi. Thus, getting my new phone fully operational was largely left up to me.  Enjoy my stoic resolve…

Much like childbirth, once you are holding your beautiful, glowing, new phone everyone conveniently forgets what a bitch it was pushing it through the birth canal.

Setting up a new phone has become a maddening gauntlet of screens and choices and options and passwords and tasks and F***ing Terms and Conditions. Fine, Apple, you probably now own my home and my mother! Just get me back on Instagram!

Some ice chips would have helped.  I’m better now.

I adore this new phone. We have named her Bella and she is pure joy. But I will never forgive her for what she did to my body.

Barry Gibb Mythology Tour - Hollywood Bowl

Barry Gibb at The Hollywood Bowl

Barry Gibb is the greatest songwriter to ever live on earth.

Sure I could add, “in my opinion,” or “since Cole Porter,” or “next to Paul McCartney and Burt Bacharach,” but I don’t want to, and this is my blog.

So, as a huge melody/harmony/Bee Gees freak, I pumped thick cash into our Hollywood Bowl tickets to see The Mythology Tour.  My darling and amenable husband and I parked down by Fountain and walked up to The Bowl (Come on.  I wasn’t going to also pay for parking.)

Anyway, it was a big adventure and we love to walk.

I had been following the tour on Facebook and YouTube and watching the posted videos. I began to solidify a scheme.  If I could get my equipment past security, I may actually find myself close enough to (unbeknownst to Barry Gibb) sing a duet with him.

That was the plan. But which song?  What about the mix? Would I be able to hear my own voice?  Would I disturb those around me? How dare I?   Those were some of the big questions.  The other fairly obvious one being, “Why don’t I just shut the F up and listen to Barry Gibb?”

Well, my Canon G15, Gorilla Pod and top mounted shotgun mic raised not an eyebrow as my purse was inspected and we passed through the gates of the bowl.

My strategy was now launched into full effect.  But as daylight slipped behind the hills of The Bowl, I met with obstacles.

We were about ten rows from the stage. Barry Gibb was well lit and wearing black, so my camera was opening wide to drink in light, thereby turning Barry Gibb’s face into a glowy cloud.

This did not deter me from singing.

I won’t apologize. Mission accomplished.  And please know that as my voice  rose into the night air to meet with Barry Gibb’s, I was tapped on the shoulder by an usher and asked to pull down my camera.

Yes, I faced humiliation.  No, I didn’t always just enjoy the moment.   But I was (in my mind) a Barry Gibb backup singer. 920 Feet From Stardom!

And, I was able to fire off a load of great photos:

Barry Gibb at the Hollywood Bowl
Barry Gibb at The Hollywood Bowl. Mythology Tour

This concert was extraordinarily magical.  Barry Gibb owned the night while gracefully and achingly giving honor to his brothers. The loneliness of the last Bee Gee was quieted by the sound of Barry’s son, Stephen and Maurice’s daughter, Samantha, plus a sensational band and backup singers, Beth Cohen, Leesa Richards and Charlotte Mckinnon.

OK, so maybe I filmed just a wee bit too much.  (Sorry, people behind me.) Barry Gibb at The Hollywood Bowl YouTube Playlist

But, in my defense, it’s Barry Gibb.

And, in closing, if you, like me, are a big Bee Gees Nut, please enjoy these interviews I did with Maurice and Barry Gibb in 1988.  

and with Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb in 1993.

Thank You, Bee Gees.

Louise Palanker on Business Rockstars with Steve Lehman and Jay Samit

Guesting on Business Rockstars

Steve Lehman, Jay Samit and Louise Palanker on Business Rock Stars
Steve Lehman, Jay Samit and Louise Palanker on Business Rock Stars

My former Premiere Radio Networks founder and partner, Steve Lehman is now heading up a new  Entrepreneur and Start-Up Business Platform driven by Radio, Television, & Social Media.  It’s called BUSINESS ROCKSTARS ACADEMY and they produce events and market PRODUCT for Entrepreneurs.

BUSINESS ROCKSTARS brings together some of the world’s biggest and most accomplished CEO’s as well as successful small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Business Rockstars is a resource  for “Wantrepreneurs” that generates content focused on:


The Business Rockstars radio show is hosted by Founder of the Media, Entertainment and Technology Alliance MET, Ken Rutkowski and with Ken on vacation, Steve graciously asked me to guest on the show, thus beginning our adventure.

My Our Place partner, Trish Bock and I ventured down to a spiffy, techie, hipster building in Santa Monica called ROC.  It is the former home of Google and although it may be mourning the loss of its scooters and nap pods, the slick and trendy vibe is still quite present.  To the point where we travelled through several tunnels, halls and breezeways before finding the ladies’ room.

There, Trish transformed me with her makeup magic and we set off on our journey back to the studio.

Steve’s co-host was digital innovator and entrepreneur, Jay Samit whose opening question to me was, “Why in God’s name would you make a movie about The Cowsills?”  This guy knows how to win hearts.  Next he asked, “Why didn’t  you just make a film about Up With People?”

“Hold on,” I said, scrambling for my notepad app.  “You are an idea man.  Let me take this down.  Up With People.  Behind the Enthusiasm For Painfully Phony Optimism.  Got it.”

I actually said, “Please tell me that you are not comparing The Cowsills to a hollow, grinning troupe of merry music makers, funded in the late sixties by corporate entities including HalliburtonGeneral Motors, and Exxon  and intended to counter the hippie subculture?

OK, I’m paraphrasing, but I did politely ask if he had seen Family Band and he has not.  I heartily encourage him to do so and to then watch, as I intend to, The 2009 Up With People documentary called Smile ‘Til It Hurts which makes the claim that this musical organization emphasized extreme right wing politics, and enforced cult like rules including arranged marriages.

So, it turns out that an Up With People documentary would, in fact, be so intriguing that it has already been made.

Jay and I then quickly bonded over our mutual love of Standing in the Shadows of Motown, a great film in which he was heavily involved and then the show began.

We spent the first segment discussing Family Band: The Cowsills Story and how one goes about making a movie.  My advice being to do so only at the risk of great financial peril.  The second segment focussed on my teen social network app, Our Place.  

Click To Listen

Jay and Steve asked excellent questions and offered fantastic input. The biggest inquiry of me being this, “You are a creative.  Are you really an entrepreneur?  I answer this question in the affirmative because as a creative, I believe it’s crucial to ally myself with business greats and technological geniuses.  Those who can fill in with strength where I am weak.  That is the definition of a team.

This was the recipe that built Premiere Radio Networks.  Steve Lehman, Tim Kelly, Kraig Kitchin, Ed Mann and me.  Not only did we offer our own talents and abilities, we recognized each others and we knew when to lead, when to follow and when to get out of the way.

By cultivating an excellent team, goals are more fully and naturally realized but also, any achievement is sweetest when shared.

Thank you, Steve Lehman, for ranking me amongst the Business Rockstars.

Byline Burbank – Special Effects Experts

Last week, I ventured into Burbank to lunch with my Our Place Partner, Patricia Bock and her co-worker, Ray Hamilton.  We walked and found ourselves at Mo’s.

The meal, the setting, the company… Glorious.  I can highly recommend it all. Everyone at Mo’s looks oddly familiar.  Like they are either sort of famous or they went to camp with you.

And then we spotted a show biz moment more delicious then the food.  Two men dining with an Oscar.

Kenji Okuhira, Oscar, Peter Anderson

Who takes an Oscar to lunch?  This question became more important than my tuna melt.  And so I ventured over, intruded and inquired.

Peter Anderson and Oscar

This gentleman is Special Effects Expert, Peter Anderson.  He is a legendary leader in Hi-Tech productions, having revolutionized filming in 3-D, Special Venue, Large Format, Visual Effects, High Frame Rate and Digital Production.

He introduced us to his lunch mate, Kenji Okuhira who was stopping over in Los Angeles to meet his idol before heading on to the London premiere of his new film, Godzilla 2014.

We had just crashed an important summit.

This did not deter us from taking more photographs.

Peter Anderson with Louise Palanker and his Oscar
Peter Anderson with Louise Palanker and his Oscar
Peter Anderson, Oscar, Patricia Bock

As we continued on our way, fate pulled us towards this poster.

And upon closer inspection, our new friend’s name, up in Univers 39 UltraCondensed Thin font.

Godzilla Poster
Kenki Okuhira on Godzilla Poster

Yes, this all really happened.  And yes, Trish’s nails look this perfect every day.