Iphone 6 Plus Size

The iPhone 6 Plus – One Girl’s Adventure

I am a woman who loves technology.  Caveat: I suck at technology. But 98% of life is showing up, right? Well, I show up for technology. Extra credit for me! What I love most about technology is the capabilities it unlocks for we creatives.  When I have a friend who is resisting the latest gizmo or Link Your Face social network, I will show him how it could specifically work for him.

“You love weaving grass into hats and you love ferrets. Let’s post this picture of your ferret in his grass hat and tag it so that your ferret can meet new friends!”

I enjoy showing people how to take better photos, and movies, edit and enhance them, share them online, use navigation, watch videos, download apps, upload puppy pics and (for the love of God) change their factory set ring tone.  We are all almost never without our phones.  Why not be forever learning what they can do to make life better?

I stayed up with my techie cousins, The Mikes, Thursday night, September 11th into Friday morning to pre-order my iPhone using the Apple Store app.  I went for the 64 gb, big ass iPhone 6 Plus. Bring it.  We did a lot of refreshing that night and I was not able to successfully purchase my phone until I woke up and tried again Sunday morning, but The Mikes are from Canada.  They are hearty.  They kept at it until their phone was secured.

My view on launches is that, yes, I want one but I am done standing in lines and/or I will hit a refresh button 57 times max and then I am going to sleep.  The phone will arrive eventually.

Mine came last week and I was not in a huge hurry to open it.  I will tell you why. Our phones now play an enormous role in our lives.  They are: computer, contacts, camera, clock, calendar, GPS, music player, gaming device, scanner, compass, flashlight, mall, thermometer, notepad, books, magazines, fitness tracker, and oh, yeah, a phone.

Switching phones is, let’s face it, a scary hassle. I would be spending a period of time completely off the grid.  An alert should probably have gone out. An artificial heart secured…  So, I was content to wait for tech support.  My 17 year old nephew, Jake.

We performed our unboxing while we were all together at a vacation home in Ojai, California.  One big problem.  No wifi. Thus, getting my new phone fully operational was largely left up to me.  Enjoy my stoic resolve…

Much like childbirth, once you are holding your beautiful, glowing, new phone everyone conveniently forgets what a bitch it was pushing it through the birth canal.

Setting up a new phone has become a maddening gauntlet of screens and choices and options and passwords and tasks and F***ing Terms and Conditions. Fine, Apple, you probably now own my home and my mother! Just get me back on Instagram!

Some ice chips would have helped.  I’m better now.

I adore this new phone. We have named her Bella and she is pure joy. But I will never forgive her for what she did to my body.

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